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Reviews (Source: Yelp.Com)

I was in Melbourne for business and saw the reviews on Yelp. I came in for an early lunch and a takeout falafel (tahini on the side) for the flights home. The falafel made the trip safely and was most welcome when I had a 30 minute layover for a connection in Detroit. I had a chicken wrap and tabouli for lunch and they were excellent as well. I always seek out small local restaurants, and this one was worth the visit. Too bad I was not around for dinner.
~ Michael G, Burlington VT (Yelp.Com)
As usual - I am a belly dancer and have a radar for Middle Eastern dining. Whenever I am in an unfamiliar area, I have an uncanny ability to find Middle Eastern food. After a photo shoot in Melbourne today, my internal homing device led me to Aromas. Good job, Bellydancer GPS! LOL. Aromas is your classic hole-in-the-wall Middle Eastern eatery (this place is Lebanese) and while the atmosphere is no-frills, the food shines. I enjoyed the shish taouk (spiced chicken served on a nice fragrant rice), with sides of tabbouleh, hummus and pita. It was a very satisfying meal and prepared with great care. I haven't had other dishes on the menu, but judging by other reviews and today's experience, I will be back again! I was probably the only person there who wasn't speaking Arabic, and I think that's exactly the way it should be when I eat at a Middle Eastern restaurant. The other half of Middle Eastern Aromas is a very well-stocked Middle Eastern grocery store that carries many hard-to-find cooking ingredients. I was just beside myself to find orange blossom water there after scouring God's creation for the stuff all weekend! VERY cool find, and I can see myself becoming a regular..
~ Lisa H, Merritt Island, FL (Yelp.Com)
EVERYTHING I HAVE HAD HERE IS AMAZING! okay there was one time that the server forgot our Baklava and that kinda sucked. I also think they may get it from a vendor which is also not so good. The take out takes a while even when I have called ahead it's another 15 minutes from the time I get there. Unfortunately I crave the food here so I am really willing to deal with it. Also they don't have free refill on soda. My favorites are: Fatoush Salad, Babaghannouj (It's so garlicky and delicious!), Kafta Kabob... I think I remember the falafel being tasty as well.
~ Mona J, Satellite Beach, FL (Yelp.Com)
MIDDLE EASTERN AROMAS: Wow - it does not get any better ! When I lived in Indialantic I would eat here every week and take a large order to go to bring home. Everyone on our show would eat here often. Friends of mine who lived in Palm Beach would drive two hours ( 120 miles ) to eat here. I now live in Boston and miss this place very much. Looking forward to visiting Florida so I can eat the best food in the world again. Trust me, "It's no illusion - it's magic".
~ Carl B, Fitchburg, MA (Yelp.Com)
so tasty. middle eastern restaurant and grocery run by man and his wife. they have a wide selection of wrap/sandwiches with the usuals, tabbouleh and hummus. perhaps the best hummus in south brevard. carryies a wide variety of hard to find arabic and persian foods.
~ Ryan T, Melbourne, FL (Yelp.Com)
Lamb shawarna sandwich was delish! All the food I've had from here is fantastic. Go...now!
~ Mark G, Satellite Beach, FL (Yelp.Com)
Fantastic food. Everything is made fresh when you order. Highly recommended.
~ Ronald R, Mountain View, CA (Yelp.Com)
Amazing Wraps. I personally liked the Lunch Hummus Wrap and will definitely go back for more. The interior is very cozy and relaxing if you want to go with friends or family. My father mentioned they relocated from the 2nd floor to the 1st and increased the store size. There is also a grocery section inside with a very wide selection of Middle Eastern ingredients. Lunch prices were too reasonable!.
~ Steve D, Los Angeles, CA (Yelp.Com)
Hands down one of the best places to eat in the Melbourne area. Consistently great food, well prepared with fresh ingredients. Everyone I have ever taken there LOVES it, and wonders why it took them so long to try the food. My favorite is Lamb Shawarma and the babaganoush. Nice little store attached, owners delightful.
~ Margaret D, Brevard, FL (Yelp.Com)
I was in Melbourne on business and I found this place via Yelp. It was excellent. I had the baba ghanoush and a falafel sandwich and some tea. All of it was delectable. I wouldn't hesitate to return.
~ Russell M, Salt Lake City, UT (Yelp.Com)
We live in Dallas and get to Melbourne a few times a year to visit family. We NEVER leave Melbourne until we eat at M.E.A. The owners are so friendly and professional. The food is like something you'd get out of a family kitchen in Beirut. They don't mess around and everything is made to order fresh. This is the top of the top in Middle Eastern cuisine. Do not miss it.
~ JJ P, Dallas, TX (Yelp.Com)